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  1. Miner34

    WIP New n/b editor

    It wasn't as easy as i thought, but now it's finally working: Next up: Loading and saving (in it's own format, actual RoR import/export will come after that).
  2. Miner34

    WIP New n/b editor

    After a lot of very inefficient coding, i'm really close to that. I already have the coordinates, now i just need to place down those two lines of code to actually place nodes.
  3. Miner34

    WIP New n/b editor

    The orthogonal viewports are in. If i click on a viewport the little Godot engine icon (placeholder for nodes) duplicates in a random position. Now i need to be able place it where i click. Shouldn't be too hard.
  4. Miner34

    WIP New n/b editor

    I was stuck for some time trying to figure out how to use sub-viewports, but finally i found a demo on that. Now i need to implement it.
  5. Miner34

    OK, kinda stupid but..

    It needs .ogg files. Edit: As CuriousMike said, 16 bit mono wav. Apparently i was thinking to something else at that moment.
  6. Miner34

    I made a tutorial about that. It should get you somewhere...

    I made a tutorial about that. It should get you somewhere.
  7. Miner34

    How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    The first time i have ever seen Rigs of Rods was roughly 3 years ago, when i installed it on my brother's toaster pc. I have never played it on that actually, i didn't even fully know what it is. Then, over 1 year ago, i started watching BeamNG drive videos on youtube. After some time, i decided...
  8. Miner34

    Porting content - Stunt Rally tracks exporter

    That's great! will try later.
  9. Miner34

    are you a buskid or not

    Who checked i am a buskid?
  10. Miner34

    OK, kinda stupid but..

    I think you just need to add tracks/default_gpws_pullup { trigger_source gpws_pull_up sound unpitched default_GPWSpullup.wav } and tracks/default_aoa_warning { trigger_source aoa_horn sound unpitched default_AOAwarning.wav } to the mod's soundscript. Just remember to...
  11. Miner34

    OK, kinda stupid but..

    Anyways, for the vehicle you can add a sound to the soundscript of the plane with trigger source aoa_horn (stall warning) or gpws_pull_up. can be useful. Instead, if you want to change the sound for all planes, go inside of...
  12. Miner34

    OK, kinda stupid but..

    So... what do you want to edit, the mod or RoR?
  13. Miner34

    Greenfield International Airport

    I don't think so. The original creator wasn't seen in the last 3 years.
  14. Miner34

    How on earth do I make a map?

    3 Forum threads you might find useful: Terrain from satellite data Heightmap terrain from blender Creating a map from scratch how hard can it be? Hope these will help you.
  15. Miner34

    are you a buskid or not

    This is ridiculous lol
  16. Miner34

    Antonov An-225

    Hyuichi already has an answer:
  17. Miner34

    How to add sliders to angelscript gui?

    Something similar to the ingame setting sliders.
  18. Miner34

    Im kinda bored.

    So uh... i might try something, but i have never made planes before. Ehm... are you serious? If yes this is going to be ridiculous...
  19. Miner34

    Random Screens

    I don't know. maybe it's just a manual addonpart (the ones you have to edit files manually to get).
  20. Miner34

    Random Screens

    You can't. Look at the gavril zeta readme: Gavril Zeta by Gabester if you mod this I will not give you permission to release your mod no matter what, so keep that in mind Unless of course it is an addonpart, but that only works on dev builds