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  1. ce6256

    Simple Loads 1

    Simple loads for high FPS, 10, 20 and 50 tons. Please tell me about bugs if you find them. Use L to lock to the hook. BTW it is my first mod, so please don't hate it.
  2. ce6256

    Simple Loads

    ce6256 submitted a new resource: Simple Loads - Simple loads for high FPS, 10, 20 and 50 tons. Read more about this resource...
  3. ce6256

    Unsolved - No Reply from OP Thrustmaster 458 xbox360 type

    I have this wheel too, doesnt work either, help would be appreciated. also it supports windows and xbox 360
  4. ce6256

    Unsolved installing mods and importing into the game

    Make sure that they are still in .zip form, also refresh cache might work(I cant remember if it is in RC5 works well through, unless there is a reason for staying at 4.7
  5. ce6256

    Freightliner FLA Cabover Semi

    I do agree with that statement fully.
  6. ce6256

    I'm curious... About roleplay clans...

    Yeah, I'm UTC +10:00, so...... Might be difficult. Also I'm a student so i might be offline quite often.
  7. ce6256

    Solved New update slower

    Slow motion off(" \ "), realistic throttle controls(General) also what vehicles are you using and what maps
  8. ce6256

    Solved Game crashing

    This was the last line: Ogre::RenderingAPIException::RenderingAPIException: Error ending frame in D3D9RenderSystem::_endFrame at C:\conan\OGRE\1.11.6\anotherfoxguy\stable\build\ca009a9d3962c6e22e649bbe37d4642d4064b682\RenderSystems\Direct3D9\src\OgreD3D9RenderSystem.cpp (line 3292) might...
  9. ce6256

    I'm curious... About roleplay clans...

    Im kinda fine with anything, but we should probably discuss time zones and discord things first, it might be easier to use that.
  10. ce6256

    Loading and Securing Ropes

    Nice, it would be good if you make a 5 meter heavy duty one though, they break quite easily. Other than that, excellent job.(y)(y)
  11. ce6256

    WIP Timber trailers

    Wow, they look great, cant wait for the to be finished!
  12. ce6256

    Random Screens

  13. ce6256

    Mod Repacking

    Hi, for a while now i have been fiddling around with N/B structures and when they are finished you have to pack them back in the .ZIP folder. i was wondering if there was an easier was, like saving it directly to a folder, so would RoR still work if a mod was a normal folder. Thanks.
  14. ce6256

    I'm curious... About roleplay clans...

    Bus or heavy haulage if you want.
  15. ce6256

    Unsolved Input mapping

    does it work with other games?
  16. ce6256

    Terrain Editors

    Hi, I have played RoR since 2017,, and i notice some trucks are called terrain editors. What does this mean?
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  18. ce6256

    Unsolved winches windows 8.1

    All commands are different, press CTRL + T to see them
  19. ce6256

    Unsolved Input mapping

    What wheel, does the name match the name of the .map file. also, did you use the RoR input mapping tool?