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    Glory Days

    Yeah... we rode the wave from beginning to end. Some of us are still here... but so many have just moved on. To give some perspective... when I first logged onto the forums, I was 14 years old. I am now 30... think about that insanity. I spent an unreal amount of time on these forums and who...
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    nodeSnap: the new truck file editor

    I am not perfect, but I am pretty well versed in both .truck files and JBeam files... so that goes for me as well. If you ever have any questions about what does what you can hit me up either here or on the Beam forums (same name).
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    Modding Question

    I just went and tested it, it still works. Depending on what your doing, make sure that the file you are modifying has a name that isn't shared by any other file (so like, I just went and made a copy of the semi file, but I failed to name it something else, so my changes weren't showing up)...
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    Modding Question

    Yep, I do believe that is a thing still. There was a time when you had to relaunch the game with every edit... that was a pain. Then later on, it would actually read the .truck file every time it loaded, so you just had to go back to the garage and take the same vehicle out again... always ended...
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    Modding Question

    Yeah, I hate to say it but there really isn't an "easy" way to do this. Well... not most people's definition of easy. Those of us who work with Nodes/Beams (be it Rigs of Rods or BeamNG) have a very different definition of easy to basically everyone else. There are really 3 things you need to...
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    Modding Question

    1. Going over both of these things, there is a simple way and a more complex way of doing this. The simple way is to find the "precomp" section in the shock sections... be it shocks, shocks2, or shocks3 Shocks shocks ;critical damping=2*sqrt(mass*spring) ;id1, id2, spring, damping, shortbound...
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    interesting idea for a vehicle

    There is no reason that you "couldn't" do it. Might have to get a little crafty with the mechanics or the controls (via triggers or otherwise) but it should be totally doable.
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    Old forum

    You "may" have some luck looking on the way back machine... they actually have a surprisingly large number of pages from the old forums on there considering how many pages the forums used to have. That's the only reason I actually managed to find my original information as for some reason it was...
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    nodeSnap: the new truck file editor

    Excellent progress! It is always nice to hear that these new editors are still getting some love! Things to note. Since this editor is designed to work on both platforms, it may be a good idea to have any RoR export just export as nodes2 only. Even if the truck is imported as a classic nodes...
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    RoR on the raspberry pi 4

    Hmmmmm.... This looks like a similar error that I got when I tried to run RoR on a Gateway Laptop a long long long time ago. Basically the issue (or at least my issue) was that the GPU that was in the computer didn't have the capability to render 3D graphics... or at least... not in the normal...
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    Mazda Rotary Pickup

    Most Rotary's only hit about 9 grand. Some well balanced ones will hit 10 or even touch 11. Most don't get close to 13 though as they start to experience warping in the eccentric shaft that causes the rotors to hit the walls of the housings. The rotors have to be lightened a lot before they can...
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    NEED INFO. are cat deletes and straight pipes legal in pennsylvania

    Yeah, it's kind of a "yes no kinda" answer. I also live in PA, but my county doesn't do emissions at all, so basically as long as you have a muffler in some capacity, your good. If your going for full straight pipe, I would recommend using a straight through flow muffler, just so you get the...
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    What Was the First Mod you Tried in Rigs of Rods?

    Hey! Great job! I wonder what I did wrong that didn't allow me to find it as I tried just about every iteration of Pickup_1 I could think of :P Thank you sir! Well... if anyone wants to see what RoR used to be like... I think this is still compatible with the modern versions, so go take that...
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    What Was the First Mod you Tried in Rigs of Rods?

    Ehh... Not quite... I actually found the Download link on the Way Back Machine... along with the original link for the YouTube Video... but both seem to have been lost to time at this point... I also did a search for it on the backups... but there was that odd time around 2012 or so when...
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    What Was the First Mod you Tried in Rigs of Rods?

    The first mod... ho boi... Anyone remember the OG Baja truck? Like... from way WAY back? I don't remember the original name, but I am pretty sure it was red... I might even still have it on my PC at home. The first map... ehhh... I think that might have been Hawaii... I'm not totally sure as it...
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    a hot rod type car

    A long long time ago it used to... like in 0.29 I think it did. but it didn't adjust normally, it would keep one side of the wheel even with one node, and then the other side would be offset. This could end up making some really weird cone like wheels if you weren't careful.
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    a hot rod type car

    All you will have to do is go down to the nodes section, figure out which nodes are the ones that you want to move (should be fairly easy if you have node names pulled up in game, or you could just scroll down to the wheels section and have a look there) and then adjust your X coordinate for the...
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    Best RoR mod of all time

    Mine is based off of just how much fun I had with it... how I learned to mod with it since it was so simple... how well it drove... how many other mods were based off of modifications to it... and how oddly good it looked... plus nostalgia points never hurt. That would have to go to the...
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    Unsolved Reverse.

    To clarify, is this what you want? From your post this is basically what you want, but from the way you worded it, it sounds like you just want the thing to slam into Reverse as soon as you press the down arrow, stopped or not. Technically speaking I believe this is as close as you will get to...
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    Solved How to make RoR less laggy and faster?

    I mean... he is right... Now you can try turning down your graphics settings, but if your already at the bottom, then there isn't much you can do except upgrade your PC. Granted, looking at your specs, I am guessing that you are having graphics issues as your processor looks to be more than...