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  1. TurboWafflz

    Max IV 6x6

    Is this what you're looking for?
  2. TurboWafflz

    [Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC5

    Here it is. There are some errors, but I don't know how to remedy them.
  3. TurboWafflz

    [Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC5

    Here's the log, I opened RoR, loaded Bajarama, and drove well past the start line. I don't see any race related errors in the log, but I might be missing something obvious.
  4. TurboWafflz

    [Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC5

    I can't get races to work at all. I'm using RC5 on Kubuntu 18.04. I've tested with several maps, and the little race box in the corner never shows up.
  5. TurboWafflz

    Solved Are the archives down?

    I was trying to look for a file in the archives, but the page wouldn't load, eventually, I just got chrome's "The page took too long to respond" error. Is anyone else having this problem? EDIT: I checked, and it says that it's down for them too.
  6. TurboWafflz

    Solved I can't change the time of day

    Is your sky type set to Caelum or SkyX? You can't change the time with Sandstorm.
  7. TurboWafflz

    Who plays an instrument?

    I play trumpet in my school band. I can also play the piano a bit.
  8. TurboWafflz

    RoR Development builds (For Windows and Linux!)

    I can't get races to work on any of the 0.4.8 versions. I have also noticed that when I enable races in the settings, the accelerator will sometimes have very little effect regardless of the vehicle I'm using, and the only way to fix it without disabling races is to reboot my computer. I see the...
  9. TurboWafflz

    2009 Mercedes-Benz Vito

    The back door implodes as soon as I load it.
  10. TurboWafflz

    RoR Development builds (For Windows and Linux!)

    I tried that, but the exact same thing happens, could there be a problem with a vehicle/terrain that makes it so it can't cache correctly?
  11. TurboWafflz

    RoR Development builds (For Windows and Linux!)

    On the latest Linux Devel build, after building the cache, it crashes with these errors: writing cache to file (/home/fmw/.rigsofrods/cache/mods.cache)... [RoR|ModCache] Error writing '/home/fmw/.rigsofrods/cache/mods.cache' [RoR|ModCache] Error, cache file still invalid after check/update...
  12. TurboWafflz

    [Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC1

    Why is there no Linux build anymore?
  13. TurboWafflz

    Post your Speedtest results!

    Ugh. Edit: It won't seem to let me put the image, but I have: 1.31 mbps down and 0.36 up...
  14. TurboWafflz

    RoR needs some way to grow it's community.

    Someone really needs to do something to make people more aware of RoR, I only found it on looking for an alternative to Beam NG Drive. But Once I found it, I see it is a much better game, AND it's open source. The only thing it's missing is a large community. I could see it...
  15. TurboWafflz

    New cars included w/o mods?

    In future RoR releases will any extra cars be included in the base game? I think it would make the game more appealing to newcomers as they wouldn't have to go and find cars to do anything, as currently it is pretty much unplayable w/o mods.
  16. TurboWafflz

    WIP - Beta Released Neo2.0 (Urban Map)

    Am I the only one who's web browser crashes when I try to download it?
  17. TurboWafflz

    Orange VW thing

    Any idea where I can get the orange VW thing being towed here? EDIT: I just realized it looked like I was talking a bout a VW "Thing". So to clarify I'm not, I should have said something different.
  18. TurboWafflz

    Released EOWS 612

    That sounds amazing!!! Where do I get it?