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    Unsolved Help finding a car

    I had a car idk the name but it was a old car and I looked on the forum and the vb forum and cant find it. It had a few options like a truck and car version with also a beater version.
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    Unsolved Is there a platform that is not tall

    I want to do something with cars and trucks but I can not find a platform to do so with does anyone know where i can get a small platform at?
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    Unsolved Making rims and tires bigger

    So I am still working on a private car and I want the tires themselves to be bigger but I do not know how to make the tire and rim bigger. How do you make the actual tire size bigger?
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    Solved Help finding ths truck

    So I was looking down the archives and saw this truck and it had caught my eye and so I went to download it and it took me here. Does anyone have a link? Here is the web address:
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    Unsolved Game crashing

    So I was playing ror and going hook up a camper to a car and the game crashed. Here is the ror log
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    Solved SlopeBrake

    For some reason it seems like my slopebreak is not working it does not slow down my car going down a hill no matter what size the hill is. Why does it not slow down my car? Here is the slope break line. ;SlopeBrake regulating force, attach-angle, release-angle SlopeBrake 20...
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    Solved This car

    Where do I get this car idk the name or nothing I was watching a youtube video on rigs of rods and saw it. Does anyone know if this was a car someone make or was on a ror repo?
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    Solved Flooded maps

    Any good flooded maps?
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    Solved Glitchy car

    The LotusEspit_jb is buugy when I spawn it it makes glitchy spikes all over the place.Woes anybody know how to fix this and/or have a working version of it?
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    Solved Modded f150 pack

    I had a old f150 mod pack i found but I cant find it on the Archives but I thought that was where i found it before. Does anyone know where else to find it?
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    How is yalls day going

    How is everyone's day going? So far mine has been Great!
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    Solved The car falls threw

    So I got the Dynamometer Testing Platform and my car falls threw it when I use the platform.Why does this happen and how to fix it?
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    Unsolved - No Reply from OP Game keeps quiting

    When ever I go to Play on multiplayer no matter what server the game crashes but it don't show rigs of rods has stopped it just goes to my home and it happens even when I am playing.Its not just my computer because someone I knows also does it also.
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    Solved It Says That I ran into Runtime Assertion Exception

    So I was going to play RoR on multiplayer and it said Ogre::RuntimeAssertionException::RuntimeAssertionException: resourceName is empty string in Ogre::ResourceGroupManager::resourceExistsInAnyGroupImpl at...
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    Solved Transfercase help

    I know that you can have a transfer case but for the transfer case to work do you need to have the Wheel drive enabled at 1 or no?
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    Solved Where to get this car?

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    Solved I am trying to find the truck that i used to have I forgot the name but i used to have it.

    I been looking for the truck i used to have and it would go from 2x4 to 4x4 and i dont remember where it was at i think it was like datsun of something but i cant find it. Does anyone have any idea on what it is and anyone have a link so i can download it?
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    Unsolved How to fix the suspension from bouncing at high speeds

    Hello I am working on a car and at speed over like 80 or 100 the wheels start to bounce and make me spin out i really want this car to hit over 250.How to stop the wheels from bouncing a lot?If anyone knows how pls tellme.