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    no textured solid in blender

    In the blender mesh editing section of the documentation, it says: "open the Shading menu and click Textured Solid:" on my version of blender, there is no textured solid.
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    Solved no AI in rigs of rods .4.8.0 Release Canidate 4

    I downloaded the ai test maps in rigs of rods .4.8.0 RC4 (latest development version), & the ai won't work.
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    Unsolved sound glitches

    sometimes, the sounds in rigs of rods can glitch out. when I drove grayson's hdx, it made a horrible whining sound. and gabester's Honda accord hatchback can make a terrible buzzing noise over the normal engine sounds. and the game would constantly set the volume to 1%. AnY AnSwErS!?