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  1. theracerbutitsrigsofrods

    Can somebody help me with this case steam tractor?

    if it is "too weak" then simply edit the .truck file and change the tourqe.
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    Sketchup is more or less for really jokey type of cars, while blender is kind of more serious.
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    Solved Game crashing in multiplayer

    As said, please post your ror.log Found by going into Documents > Rigs Of Rods > logs and attaching ror.log to a post.
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    Solved Game crashing

    Seems to have worked, thanks alot
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    Solved Game crashing

    My game keeps crashing after I spawn a car and get into it and drive around, then all of a sudden screen goes black and crashes this was after installing WinRAR, I played the game about 10 mins before installing and ran with no issues, any help?
  6. theracerbutitsrigsofrods

    Solved cant find the game after exiting

    Did you click open on install? If so go into your downloads and find rigs of rods then drag it onto your desktop
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    Solved Collisions

    Thing is with me I sometimes manage to tow other players cars with their co-operation.
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    Modifying cars

    Anyway thanks for the help as I now know how to do stuff like this
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    Modifying cars

  10. theracerbutitsrigsofrods

    How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    Simple, watched YBR's april fools video titled "BEAM NG DRIVE 2?!?"
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    Modifying cars

    Finally here we go
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    Modifying cars

    Sorry for the VERY VERY long wait but here it is.
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    [Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC5

    Windows Defender for some reasons does not let me install the new version nor let me install the setup. Any help?
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    Modifying cars

    Just have a look in there and find the drag car. -- Attachment removed --
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    Modifying cars

    So, I was poking around in the files to give the Burnside Drag car a little less tourqe, so as I do I finish up, load up the game and SURPIRSE SUPRISE the whole car is pink. Any help?