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  1. Shottyo3

    RoR Classifieds

    I am now a Kenworth T600 Official Dealer in Rocktown County. I have the official trims, Custom trims, Rocket truck, and Cola livery trucks. Official and custom cost 67.894$. Cola adds in 1000. And the rocket costs 107.754$. Other numbered Kenworth models cost 70.179$ I will also ship them by...
  2. Shottyo3

    rorserver-2020.01 unable to connect

    Aye don't post your IP address it can allow hackers easier entry.
  3. Shottyo3

    Random Screens

    Boi overrevved
  4. Shottyo3


  5. Shottyo3

    Random Screens

    Full plane haul blyat. Stop acting cool bc that isn't "Heavy load". Had to swap tractor bc it was just so heavy.
  6. Shottyo3

    How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

    Overasked question. I just knew about it for a while and got it.
  7. Shottyo3

    RoR Classifieds

    Yours. I'll deliver it.
  8. Shottyo3

    RoR Classifieds

    Vehicle Name: Kenworth T600 Year (if unknown, leave blank): Distance traveled: 145.600km Damages (if none, leave blank): Separated axles, Front canopy damage, oil buring Extras (if any): Fresh tyres Vehicle history (e.g accidents and insurance claims, if none leave blank): Service records (e.g...
  9. Shottyo3

    maps with villages wanted!

    Nobody uses Romania... Guess ill have to be the only one playing it
  10. Shottyo3

    Unsolved Is it safe

    It's safe.
  11. Shottyo3

    Released BK-Engine Lift

    Perfect for mechanic roleplay! Thanks!
  12. Shottyo3

    Random Screens

    Lotus in the sunset Which one will you choose? Left my car for Dry Aging Pics of my Subuwu Rocket-Vtec edition
  13. Shottyo3

    Multiplayer - is chat window no longer a movable window?

    The floating text would look cleaner
  14. Shottyo3

    Random Screens

    Moving a bunch of cars Btw DON'T TRY THIS. It's not worth it and it's laggy.
  15. Shottyo3

    Best RoR mod of all time

    Dodge Viper. can't change my mind. It's soooo much fun
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    After mannualy transfering the files from ror 4.8.0 to new for several minutes when i boot up ror 2020 it can't read the terrain. How do i solve that?
  17. Shottyo3

    Random Screens

    Crushed a Kenworth while towing a generator btw what map you on smurfn14?
  18. Shottyo3

    Broke my arm😡

    Not as painful as it could've been. But still, holding things is harder, I need to wear larger clothes. A lot of things are harder to do. Actually it's a plus in some areas, I don't have to go to school!
  19. Shottyo3

    Who plays an instrument?

    I play pencil and table in the break at school. I also play video game menu buttons. Do they count? Bad at both of them
  20. Shottyo3

    Broke my arm😡

    Pain January, everyone has something happen to them.