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Thread: 1982 DI Sportster

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    Re: 1982 DI Sportster

    Quote Originally Posted by TitanByMack View Post
    Is this different from HighResWheelNodeCollisions=Yes?

    If so, why?
    Recently the setting was added to the new settings panel, and the "GVar" name was changed from HighResWheelNodeCollisions to HighResWheelNodeCollision, most likely a mistake (I'll fix it myself eventually if no one else does).
    If you're using, you would set HighResWheelNodeCollisions=Yes in RoR.cfg.
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    Re: 1982 DI Sportster

    I was wondering if i can try make a drifting version out of the stock version? I will changing some stuff on the .truck file and other files .I will keep the same type of body style tho.
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    Re: 1982 DI Sportster

    You can make it if you want; I can't stop you from doing that, but I don't want to see it on this thread, or the repository, unless you can prove that the quality of the mod is sufficient.
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    Re: 1982 DI Sportster

    I'm sorry but where can you find RoR.cfg?

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    Re: 1982 DI Sportster

    Documents/Rigs of Rods/Config

    I will not reply to PM's asking for game support! Please use the correct support forum instead.

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