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Thread: 1982 DI Sportster

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    1982 DI Sportster

    Fully Deformable
    Top speed around 170mph
    Features 3 variants:
    Each variant has it's own engine effects and audio
    Extremely fine tuned suspension and handling
    Rear Wheel Drive
    350ish bhp
    Full suite of audio, everything has a sound
    High quality animated interior
    Fully skinnable with a high quality UV map
    Detailed engine
    Over 40 included skins


    1982 DI Sportster-2lomt3v-png1982 DI Sportster-rl5e7go-jpg1982 DI Sportster-k5ep5uc-png1982 DI Sportster-eyn9im6-png1982 DI Sportster-u3zp0mk-jpg1982 DI Sportster-pnz6g2q-png1982 DI Sportster-t9eqyqa-jpg1982 DI Sportster-6sccl96-jpg1982 DI Sportster-jjvdnok-jpg

    Special Controls:

    F1/F2 = headlights
    F3/F4 = rear hood
    CTRL+V = toggle mirrors off (they won't be fully functional till
    W = diff toggle, I recommend staying with split on a keyboard
    CTRL+Up/Down = Half throttle/brake
    ALT+Up/Down = Quarter throttle/brake

    This was written on February 26th, 2018.All Rights Reserved by the original creator, derbymutt.
    All Licenses can be provided, and revoked, at any time, for any reason.

    Do not re-publish this or any assets included without written permission.
    Do not modify, sell, or advertise this or any assets included without written permission.

    In the case of the Rigs of Rods community, this mod is allowed to be re-skinned without my consent.
    In the case of the Rigs of Rods community, additional parts or versions of the vehicle may be released FOR RIGS OF RODS, without my consent
    The original vehicle must not be conflicted with.
    The UV map must not be compromised to where existing skins do not work with parts of the original model.
    The N/B structure must not be compromised in such a way that the vehicle does not work in Rigs of Rods or higher.
    This license is included with the released mod.
    A link to the original thread is included with the released mod.
    I, derbymutt, am credited as the creator of the original vehicle.
    No profit can be made on the modified vehicle.

    Special considerations can be provided in some cases.
    Any special considerations will most likely require my curation throughout the process, to assure my quality standards are met.

    I can be contacted at my profile on at:

    HighResWheelNodeCollisions=Yes should be enabled in RoR.cfg
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    Re: 1982 DI Sportster

    Love it
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    Re: 1982 DI Sportster

    Looks great, Even when your still reading the description.
    بطيئة وهادئ
    Slow And Calm

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    Re: 1982 DI Sportster

    Loved watching this car be developed, cant wait to see whats next!


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    Re: 1982 DI Sportster

    Very nice. Its good to see high quality mods like this again. ror needs good fresh content.

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    Re: 1982 DI Sportster

    Love it! What map is that?

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    Re: 1982 DI Sportster

    Quote Originally Posted by WMHardiman1995 View Post
    Love it! What map is that?

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