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Thread: Derbymutt's Content Dump

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    Derbymutt's Content Dump

    Since the forums have been changed again, and I lack any further motivation to re-write these threads again, I'm dumping a large chunk of my content here.

    At this point in time, everything listed below is considered finished, with no plans on being updated.
     Loads: (Pictured)
    DI-Trailerpack 2013
    RoR Ramp
     Terrains: (Pictured)
    DesertRunGarageCompetition--Map2�� (Pictured) (Pictured)
    Unpack me -
     Vehicles: (Pictured)
    1970Chaparral2J Pre-Final NB 2
    Chevy_C10_Submesh_Pack_FINAL!!!!!.zip (Pictured) (Pictured) (Pictured) (Pictured)
    DI-TrackCarRaceBeta.6-5-13--6-00PM (1).zip
    DI-TrophyTruck (1).zip (Pictured) (Pictured) (Pictured)
    ChainBuilder.jar (Standalone)
    Convert.bat (Requires Ogre conversion executable in the same folder)
    LISTNUMBERS.BAT (Standalone)
    RoRAdvancedWheels1.3.jar (Standalone)
    RoRWheelRigidifier_1.1.jar (Standalone)
    TruckBuilder-Public1.jar (Standalone)
    Most of the vehicles should work in current RoR builds, though some may have issues due to age.
    Some loads may not function as intended due to age.
    All of the terrains should work in current RoR builds.
    Both *.BAT tools require a modern Windows OS.
    All *.jar tools require Java JRE/JDK 8.

    All files listed above will be present in the dropbox link provided below.
    I would have included images of every piece of content, but the attachment limit on the forums is fairly strict.

    No support will be provided for any of this content. This thread only exists to make this content accessible.
    Some mods have not been fully released previously, such as the standalone (and improved) Tracer and Track America, for example.
    If something does not work, you may want to check the date it was originally created. Some older mods don't play nicely with the new parser.

    Link to all 43 files listed above:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Derbymutt's Content Dump-7uu3xkf-jpg   Derbymutt's Content Dump-nudigrx-png   Derbymutt's Content Dump-lexus1-jpg   Derbymutt's Content Dump-q2z8deh-jpg   Derbymutt's Content Dump-kbxej2b-jpg  

    Derbymutt's Content Dump-shuajge-jpg   Derbymutt's Content Dump-cz0renp-jpg   Derbymutt's Content Dump-4ltjs6k-jpg   Derbymutt's Content Dump-z0xf9a8-jpg   Derbymutt's Content Dump-piper1-jpg  

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    Re: Derbymutt's Content Dump

    More content for me to use.

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    Re: Derbymutt's Content Dump

    Lol i love that car compactor. Also one of the cars is broke for me but it doesn't matter still good mods

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    Re: Derbymutt's Content Dump

    What are the controls for the car compactor?

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    Re: Derbymutt's Content Dump

    The car compactor does not have import commands. You will have to enter it to operate.

    Commands are F1 and F2

    I will not reply to PM's asking for game support! Please use the correct support forum instead.

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    Re: Derbymutt's Content Dump

    do CTRL T to see all sommands

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    Re: Derbymutt's Content Dump

    would be better if it would crush the entire car

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    Re: Derbymutt's Content Dump

    Quote Originally Posted by patman817 View Post
    would be better if it would crush the entire car
    You have to use a car that is actually made to contact other objects, some people didn't make their mods so it would.

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    Re: Derbymutt's Content Dump

    If your wondering from the previous posts that one of the cars are broken before you download it. It's the trackcars that are broken fyi.

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