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  1. Uploaded from Archives

    MAN F2000 Evo 9/16/14

    FEATURES: -Two versions (4X4 and 6X4) -Detailed mesh body/wheels -Interior with custom dashboard and moving steering wheel -Raise-able lift axle (only available on the 6X4 version) -Trailer hitch (only available on the 6X4 version) -Sprung Cab (It'll tilt as you accelerate/brake/go over a bump)...
  2. Uploaded from Archives

    DAF Semi Rebirth 1

    DAF SEMI REBIRTH "The king returns!" In 2011, one of the greatest RoR Trucks got updated! I worked quite hard on this and I hope you like it. This is an updated version of the DAF semi truck with improved handling, fixed errors, fixed bugs. Features: Mid-Low Poly Mesh Flexbody Meshwheels...
  3. N

    MAN KAT1 5 Ton 4x4 1.0

    MAN Kat1 5 tonne Military truck Credits: Shaders: enterprise-e Deformation: Stoat Engine Tuning: K20 and Neg-Ice Some Texture work: VeyronEB Everything Else: Neg-Ice Press T ingame to see commands. Modding Rules: You are allowed to use...