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Diesel Thread (RoR or IRL)
Post anything diesel here on this thread, It can relate to real life or RoR! I love anything/everything diesel! So why not make a thread for it?!

So I will go ahead and start with a Picture!

P.S. if there is any problem with me putting this thread up just let me know.

--Picture removed--
    Thinking about changing this bad boy up just a little bit!

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  • Dieselhead
The Wolf


Eh, I'll drag race your train any day  Big Grin

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  • Sean
Look at this 7.3L T444E!!

If you have any questions, check the General FAQ or the support threads, your problem may have already been answered.
[Image: 2015-volkswagen-golf-tdi-inline1-photo-6...iginal.jpg]
(Not my picture, but the same car as mine)
[Coming soon: Banner]

A man can dream can he? 


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