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What was the last thing you bought?
Decided I'd make a thread asking about what was the last thing people bought, Not trying to be nosy or anything, just you know.
(You dont have to post here, thats your option not mine)

Anywho, lets keep it simple, I dont care if you bought Porno Mags or anything like that, just keep it clean for kids and what not.
(Beers and what not are fine, I just mean not something you would want your kid (Fictional (as of now) or not) want to see or hear about

Things can range from, Toilet Paper, to a Truck

I'll start,
(I honestly dont remember.)

The last thing I've actually bought with my money, was a cappuccino from Starbucks (Forgot to say French Vanilla, so it was crap)

A case of hard (adult content filled) root beer count? I mean... i dropped $47 on it so i would hope so...
Lol, Yea its fine. I just meant anything a Child Shouldn't hear about or see.... until the time comes, lol.

A bottle of water and a cheap meal. Undecided
If people can call gas vehicles "gassers", then can we call diesel vehicles "dieselers"?
Last I checked a gasser is a type of drag car. Get it right.
Steam levels 
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[Image: d8Tf0.png]
It sucks, maybe I can grab a steam card before the steam sale ends to grab something so I participated in the sale. Gonna suck if I miss it.

Cheetos, 2 boxes of Chips Ahoy cookies, and 2.5 pounds of jellybeans. Gotta get ready for the race at Daytona.
"There's nothing stock about a stock car."
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$20 Steam Card, just in time to grab some crap on the Summer Sale!


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