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What did you do today?
went for a walk
and built a computer.
Got my lenovo x201t delivered!

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Got my book I've been waiting for.

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Spent ~5 hours on the MT forums. Y'know, a normal day  Wink

@TheWolf Nice!
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School, Homework, Eat, Sleep
Woke up at 6:30 AM to go to work, ate breakfast, got a snack together, filled up my water bottle, got my socks and shoes on, put a sweatshirt on, went to work. Got to work at 8 AM. At work, I put an antique cook stove together. The guy I'm helpin has been doin this for like 4 years. So, got done with work at 2:30 PM, got back home, sat down for a bit, then cleaned the battery terminals and cable ends on our lawnmower and hooked a charger to the battery, and, now here I am sitting here typing this.
Drove this turd around trying to get fault codes to come active. 13L did not like the heavy oil field trailers. lol

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Released a Blender plugin for Wreckfest. Smile
Ordered parts for the cummins rebuild...
07 3rd gen ccsb-still got
97 hd dyna glide -still got
94 2nd gen sddb-sold
93 1st gen sddb-sold
92 1st gen etsb-sold
86 1st gen sdsb-sold
Fished a Chevy out of a puddle

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