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What did you do today?
Pulled the head on this, was kinda interesting not being able to use the overhead crane. 2 scored cylinders causing high crankcase pressure, luckily the bearings are fine, no traces of coolant in the oil.


Speaking of fire trucks, this one was in the lot heading to China.

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went for a walk
and built a computer.
Got my lenovo x201t delivered!

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Got my book I've been waiting for.

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Spent ~5 hours on the MT forums. Y'know, a normal day  Wink

@TheWolf Nice!
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School, Homework, Eat, Sleep
Woke up at 6:30 AM to go to work, ate breakfast, got a snack together, filled up my water bottle, got my socks and shoes on, put a sweatshirt on, went to work. Got to work at 8 AM. At work, I put an antique cook stove together. The guy I'm helpin has been doin this for like 4 years. So, got done with work at 2:30 PM, got back home, sat down for a bit, then cleaned the battery terminals and cable ends on our lawnmower and hooked a charger to the battery, and, now here I am sitting here typing this.
Drove this turd around trying to get fault codes to come active. 13L did not like the heavy oil field trailers. lol

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Released a Blender plugin for Wreckfest. Smile

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