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What did you do today?
Ordered parts for the cummins rebuild...
07 3rd gen ccsb-still got
97 hd dyna glide -still got
94 2nd gen sddb-sold
93 1st gen sddb-sold
92 1st gen etsb-sold
86 1st gen sdsb-sold
Fished a Chevy out of a puddle

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Didn't have the best day...

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Went to work and get my friends new lorry for a day (3000 miles on clock). Step in to diesel and just after slipped and fell of a cab. Later when changing trailers greased my trousers and spread it over drivers seat. Dropping last trailer on the end of working day ripped off all suzies. And messed up my working hours. Enough for one day.
Manifestation of Murphy's laws?
Today I had a heck of a time running around to do errands after my little sister's tonsil removal surgery. It was really, REALLY hectic, but I at least ate like a king on the cheap for lunch. 

Also was disappointed to find that the mint condition Suzuki Swift I found was a 5 hour drive away from where I live...not gonna drive THAT long for a $600 car. Sorry.

All in all, though, my day wasn't all that bad...I felt a little anxious rushing around so much, but at least the day's over with finally and I get to sit down with a good cup of coffee and admire the fact that the Rigs of Rods forum is still alive in some way, shape or form at least.
This account is a recreation of my account from the previous forum mechanism. 
Original join date: August of 2013, if I'm not mistaken.

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New lights  Big Grin

[Image: 1cb319acc2.jpg][Image: 48dd0a279a.jpg]
_- Have you hood slid a cabover lately? -_
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Broke a CV shaft on the car.

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Well, way earlier today, I ended up getting a call from a local hobby store that's nearby, and the next thing I know, I come back home with a new model kit and a few paint markers... Eight or so hours later, this was the result. (The link is hyperlinked to "this", since there's eight pics of the completed model kit.)
Just an ordinary RoR regular who happens to be a furred alien at the same time...
"Tremors are being felt everywhere..."
waste my life on the internet.
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