What did you do today?
I joined the new Rigs of Rods forum. I'm really glad we got a RoR forum going again, for a while there I thought the RoR days were over. While I don't play RoR as much as I used to, I may have to re-download it and see if I even still enjoy it...
I still enjoy submesh, thank you very much. Member since 2011.
Went fishing, Caught 2, (One got away, other was a catch and release). Friend and his friend were on a boat (They both caught multiple fish, but on was reeling in a small fish, 8 pound catfish took that one as bait) Finished the day while loading the boat.. Caught a baby Alligator Snapper.  (Wasnt even trying, we were putting the boat on the trailer and noticed it. It took bait that was still on the line)

Overall best part: Got to drive the 2014 (Late Model) Silverado
Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.
7/1/17, the date that changed everything Heart

Watched cars drive in a circle. New aero package sucks.

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My daily struggle...

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Today I found out how much of a pounding the motor that pushes my truck can take a pounding. I found out my that my next door neighbor has a log splitter that is powered by a 300 Straight 6 motor. Same as the one in my truck.


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It's June 28th but I heard fireworks outside already. Couldn't wait 6 days?
"There's nothing stock about a stock car."
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(06-29-2016, 04:27 AM)CardonaMotorsports18 Wrote: It's June 28th but I heard fireworks outside already. Couldn't wait 6 days?

Freedom waits for no one.

Drove 4 hours to get home.
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I know of a place that was doing a celebration from the 25th-5th but they got flooded recently and they had to cancel. Sad

OT: Sat on my computer all day. Wasting more of my life on the internet as usual.
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