What did you do today?
I joined the new Rigs of Rods forum. I'm really glad we got a RoR forum going again, for a while there I thought the RoR days were over. While I don't play RoR as much as I used to, I may have to re-download it and see if I even still enjoy it...
I still enjoy submesh, thank you very much. Member since 2011.
Went fishing, Caught 2, (One got away, other was a catch and release). Friend and his friend were on a boat (They both caught multiple fish, but on was reeling in a small fish, 8 pound catfish took that one as bait) Finished the day while loading the boat.. Caught a baby Alligator Snapper.  (Wasnt even trying, we were putting the boat on the trailer and noticed it. It took bait that was still on the line)

Overall best part: Got to drive the 2014 (Late Model) Silverado
Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.
7/1/17, the date that changed everything Heart

Watched cars drive in a circle. New aero package sucks.

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My daily struggle...

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Today I found out how much of a pounding the motor that pushes my truck can take a pounding. I found out my that my next door neighbor has a log splitter that is powered by a 300 Straight 6 motor. Same as the one in my truck.


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It's June 28th but I heard fireworks outside already. Couldn't wait 6 days?
"There's nothing stock about a stock car."
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(06-29-2016, 04:27 AM)CardonaMotorsports18 Wrote: It's June 28th but I heard fireworks outside already. Couldn't wait 6 days?

Freedom waits for no one.

Drove 4 hours to get home.
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I know of a place that was doing a celebration from the 25th-5th but they got flooded recently and they had to cancel. Sad

OT: Sat on my computer all day. Wasting more of my life on the internet as usual.
Notice that the logo at the top of your screen does NOT say "School Bus Simulator 2017." This is not a bus simulator. It is a physics simulator.
Use it for its intended purpose or go on somewhere.

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