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What did you do today?
Helped a friend move his safes to his new house. The bank safe weighs ~ 4,000 lbs.

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Watched the running of The Clash at Daytona.
"There's nothing stock about a stock car."
School, got out at 2:20, went to a scrimmage baseball game, lost 5-3 (I think that was the final score)

Getting some decals made for the 270!
[Image: 1oqw99Q.jpg]
"There's nothing stock about a stock car."
Did the usual thing I do on the weekends, nothing..

Put the 270 back together! All we need are the decals and we're set for the first practice session of the year this Saturday!  Big Grin
[Image: l7CCK5R.jpg]
"There's nothing stock about a stock car."
Well, last 4 days.
[Image: VwFhera.jpg]
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Went to school, as usual. Got out, went and ate before the game, had enough time to go screw around and fish for a bit, drove back to school, had a baseball game, we won. 3-1

Finally uploaded this: 

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