What did you do today?
Just like the thread on the old forum, you know how it works.

Went to work, just the daily grind....
Went to school, lost my voice, drove a nice Chevy 1500 z71.
Pretty good day I guess.

Quote:If someone in an S class cuts me off, I don't get upset. He obviously has important things to do. Now, someone in a Toyota? We're fighting.

Steam: bubbleawsome
The usual.

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reading pdf about a mythological australian gold location that no one can find...
and playing world of tanks

getting updates i missed compiled to test :|
Drove for like half the day.

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I rode on  our districts Thomas fs65 today. The last one left unfortunately. Since first student came in a lot of buses have changed. Anyway here's a general pic of what it would look like. https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7407/12214...a6ea_b.jpg
Sounds boring, Because it is.

Got three Lawnmowers, For free.

Ones a '03 LT1500
The other's a '04 LTS2500
The other one is a '06 Murray 4HP
The lawn tractors are craftsman with briggs & stratton engines.
The push mower is a murray With also a B&S engine

Both of the lawn tractors were OHV, But neither ran. I swapped the '03's OHV motor out for a '82 B&S 12HP Flathead engine.
The '04 is getting a starter today because the one that was on it broke the teeth.
The murray, Was the best score. It set for 6 years (Feburary 2010) All i had to do was put gas in it and pull the starter cord once, Cranked on first pull of course.
Yesterday I cleaned the Murray up, Lookin' Mint.
I also Cleaned up the old flathead engine on the '03. tbh it shines and runs like new.

Today, I'm Changing the oil in my 6.5L Diesel and 2.4L Nissan. (Should be fun)
Woke up, brushed my teeth, went straight to a dentists appointment to get a tooth pulled, came back home, played some games, wrote this and now i'm going to play more games.
Tested camping gear and vegging

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