post your desktop screens
    Here we gooooo....
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My Favorite Desktop i have used it since i got my computer.

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If you are reading this i know what you did and you should be ashamed of yourself 
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This is the desktop I currently was playing and took this screenshot in, hahahaha

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This account is a recreation of my account from the previous forum mechanism. 
Original join date: August of 2013, if I'm not mistaken.

Those bars on the right react to whatever sound comes through my computer. so music or even game sounds. also the reason the second picture on the right looks weird is that the only on the left is not a 1920x1080 monitor but the one on the right is.

[Image: 1QtYzpA.png]
Still working on projects
What program are you using to make it react like that? I've been wanting to set something like that up but haven't found any apps or add-ons that allow me to do it. My desktop's boring, trust me you don't want to see it.
Notice that the logo at the top of your screen does NOT say "School Bus Simulator 2017." This is not a bus simulator. It is a physics simulator.
Use it for its intended purpose or go on somewhere.
(04-10-2016, 05:29 AM)BusDriver5 Wrote: My PC is a mess in the pic. Anyway I'm still cleaning it

Ummmm.... Yours Is WAY Better than mine mine was Completely Full of Stuff, i cleaned it now i put my stuff in folders

Clean As New Smile

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Rigs Of Rods, Roblox And More!
Crysis 3.

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Using one monitor out of my two for this image because the 2nd one is cluttered with junk xD.

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