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Drone memory card format
So when I go to format my memory card for my drone's camera it says windows was unable to complete the format. Any suggestions or ideas?
I never had that problem, but I think it's possible to be caused by a "locked" memory card. AFAIK every memory card has a little slider which will lock/unlock it. I honestly don't know why it's there but simply switching it might help.
[Image: 6259i8EE567C581E8AE0E?v=v2]
Too small for one.

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Contact the store or manufacturer ?
If you have any questions, check the General FAQ or the support threads, your problem may have already been answered.
Here is the solution for your problem.

Tried that, I got an error after I did the clean command. My grandfather is coming over sunday I will get him to look at it.

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