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What car do you drive in real life thread
title says it all

engine:I4 turbo

2 vehicles

Year: 1988 
Vehicle Ford F-150 Xlt Lariat
Motor: 300 Straight Six
Transmission: MD50 5 Speed manual transmission

Year: 2004
Vehicle: Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
Motor: 3.8 Chevy 3800 Series
Transmission: 4 Speed  automatic
a suprising first car.

Make:Jaguar (pronounced Jahg-you-are)
Model:XJ-6 "vanden plas" sedan

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Current specs: (updated: 9/22/16)
Dell Inspiron 530
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1
Radeon X1050 GPU
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00 GHz

If people can call gas vehicles "gassers", then can we call diesel vehicles "dieselers"?
Last I checked a gasser is a type of drag car. Get it right.
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2003 Škoda Fabia vRS

1.9 TDI PD 130;
6 speed manual;
It has 164'000 km.

It's my first car, I bought it a year ago with 148'000 km.
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also Turbocharged 1.8L I4 on my Octavia.
Hum...Will I say the real car?IDK!Ok I will say
Citroën C3
year 2006,this is the only thing I know about it
Oh,and a peugault 407
year 2013
(08-01-2016, 06:04 AM)RustMonster Wrote: ^^

1988 Bronco II (Sunday driver. My baby. You scratch it and it won't end well for you or that Prius you parked next to me.)
50k or so original miles. Extremely minimal rust (for a PA truck).
A4LD auto, 2.9 V6, manual hubs/t-case.
Lots of dealer options (sun visor, mud flaps, other things)

1978 W200 Power Wagon adventurer. (Beat it until it dies. It's already close. Rusty as all fak.)
(Specs can be easily found in pic/vid of your ride although my image link died and I'm too lazy to fix it.)

Current specs: (updated: 9/22/16)
Dell Inspiron 530
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1
Radeon X1050 GPU
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00 GHz
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a 1998 Nissan Patrol.
only 119k km
Mechanically as good as new.
Has the good old 2.8 Diesel in it, and i just had all the body rust removed, frame was basically spotless but got the factory coating removed and has been conserved too.
Now she's off to get wrapped, will post pics when she's back.

Still debating what to do next, front locker or a small lift.
Winch, protection and tires have already been done.

Suggestions are welcome!

(pic is from the first drive after i bought her last year, was quite cute back then!)

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1982 Volkswagen Rabbit pickup
Has a 1.6L turbo diesel out of a 84 jetta
Gets 60 mpg
Wont be green by the end of next summer Big Grin
[Image: afbdf419c5.jpg]
_- Have you hood slid a cabover lately? -_
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