SP and/or MP Memories
Old memory.

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Also, I'd like to add another memory: my first day of playing RoR.  The first terrain I used was Belgium by DeGa using version 0.37.126.  I used a year-old (at the time) eMachines EL1333G-03w with a measly 2 GB of RAM.  The first vehicle I've driven was the blue Mercedes Travego by Betzi.  I kept getting stuck by the fences and not knowing how to reverse or reset my vehicle.

And then, I had discovered the city of Penguinville.  It was a beautiful map, and, using the same vehicle, I remember making a left to exit the Rig-a-Deal, turning right, and making that right in front of the airport onto the freeway.  I made its first exit, and I was curious about what was after that.  I turned right and I forgot what I did next after that.  But a couple days later, I tried out pr14sl's Renault S53RX with the Smiley Tours skin.  I made a route (I barely remember it), and it was just plain fun.

A whole lot more has happened after that.
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(09-19-2016, 02:18 AM)dragst1 Wrote: S/P. Big J Trucking-Adam Wright.  Had all the company vehicles saved in a folder and lost them after my computer died. Also remember the fights that used to go on in various roleplaying companies over various stupid things, which got pretty comical after awhile

like wreckmasters V.S. cifpo towing....
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