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SP and/or MP Memories
Old memory.

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Also, I'd like to add another memory: my first day of playing RoR.  The first terrain I used was Belgium by DeGa using version 0.37.126.  I used a year-old (at the time) eMachines EL1333G-03w with a measly 2 GB of RAM.  The first vehicle I've driven was the blue Mercedes Travego by Betzi.  I kept getting stuck by the fences and not knowing how to reverse or reset my vehicle.

And then, I had discovered the city of Penguinville.  It was a beautiful map, and, using the same vehicle, I remember making a left to exit the Rig-a-Deal, turning right, and making that right in front of the airport onto the freeway.  I made its first exit, and I was curious about what was after that.  I turned right and I forgot what I did next after that.  But a couple days later, I tried out pr14sl's Renault S53RX with the Smiley Tours skin.  I made a route (I barely remember it), and it was just plain fun.

A whole lot more has happened after that.
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