SP and/or MP Memories
So I decided to create a thread where the community could share some of their old SP and/or MP Memories...

Things we don't care about
~ How you "trolled" a 10 year old kid and made him cry.
~ When you played MP with your bus company and had 10 buses without any lag
~ The time you flew a plane into a Neoqueretaro Tower

Things that would be nice
~ Photos of these memories (So we could see it and maybe the chat), Note, A Photo is NOT required.
~ Around the time this memory happened

Note: Please dont post every memory you have in one post, save them for another post sometime later, so this thread will thrive longer than it already will.
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7/1/17, the date that changed everything Heart

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First time properly playing RoR. ~2012
Had 0.36 on my old toaster desktop because it was the only version it could run. (Still have the PC with .36 installed.)
Took the MTVR dump truck and went flat out down the F1 test track straight and slammed the first wall.
Ended game and went to flatmap, jumped an S10, and have been playing since. No screenshots here.

MP memories though...too many to list.
Main thing was Coastal Freight Systems. The biggest "trucking co." RoR had from early 2013-ish until I screwed up on the old forum in late 2014.
There's a lot of things I want to forget, but there's also a lot of things I want to remember.
Kinda wish I could bring it back, but I know RP isn't popular with RoR anymore. "z0mg sk00l BUsS3S" ruined that.
[Image: Iz5SmSf.png]
This is how most of the rigs were schemed. Silver tops with tan center stripes and flat black/gray bottoms.
There was also a short-lived red, white/silver, and blue theme after I screwed up. The truck still looks like this.
[Image: igBF4Vw.png]
The thread was upwards of 100 pages of awesome mods and loads.
Notice that the logo at the top of your screen does NOT say "School Bus Simulator 2017." This is not a bus simulator. It is a physics simulator.
Use it for its intended purpose or go on somewhere.
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These aren't super old as pretty much all of my screenshots from 07/08 contain what are now stolen mods... But I have plenty of MP screenshots from the last few years.

[Image: 665046468.png]
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I dont remember when this was exactly, but I started playing Rigs of Rods (Not for the first time) one day in the afternoon on the Ciffpo Server. Stayed up till 3:30am, layed down. Slept till 6:30am. Got up played some more. It was Easter weekend, so had to go spend time with family, and all that. Came back that afternoon, joined the server again and played a while.
Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.
7/1/17, the date that changed everything Heart

Back in the day of these paper cars,they was ugly ,but they were sooo cool!All was made with that N/B
I remember Ems-chief, the guy who blocked every spawnpoint. SO I was on a server with Small Island set as the terrain (I think it was a Kikotte 0.37 server) and I was begging Ems-chief to move, and he didn't.
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S/P. Big J Trucking-Adam Wright.  Had all the company vehicles saved in a folder and lost them after my computer died. Also remember the fights that used to go on in various roleplaying companies over various stupid things, which got pretty comical after awhile
Recreation of old account from old website
Found some more.

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I first played ror in 2013 while my friend and I were bored looking for a fun new game. We found ror and both downloaded it. He got the Mac 37 version and I got whatever was the latest version at the time. We both tried out multiplayer and ive been hooked on the game ever since. Ive been under many different usernames through the years, My earliest being RoRTruckingCo, I got in a lot of trouble with that account so I deleted it and started fresh once I got my new computer, That account was benb807. Once the forums started dieing I moved to beamng but got kinda bored because its too easy to mod cars and the community isn't the same. So I started ror again under Modzilla like I am now.
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