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From cars you admire to discussing the prep on the track

I'll start by saying that i was at a no prep event this weekend, started raining the first day so the track was out for 5 hours but the crew did a good job on drying the track, first run we did was a 12:52 with a small layer of rubber on the track. rest of the day was a lot of problems with the carburetors and ignition. Day number 2 was elimination which went fairly well until we were in the finals, we lined up against one of our friends in a orange Ascona A and it was all looking good until my uncle decided to launch at 7k rpm's instead of 6 and a half, And we obliterated the rear axle on the starting line. 2nd place for the weekend in the real street class so im happy.

Now the car i admired the most and also got price for the coolest car on the strip was my friend Jim Badersten's pro mod camaro with a engine that's on a whopping 13L. He ran a 7:97 on a no prep track! absolutely amazing

Here it is, the masterpeice

Live your life a quartre mile at a time

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