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AM6 50cc engine. Turbokit exhaust, barikit reed valves, ported cylinder canals. ported intake.

Should push around 10-12hp

Live your life a quartre mile at a time

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not sure if this qualifies for this thread but meh, building a race tractor for ror as most of you know, its loosely based on a Ford LGT 120, but has a few differences, (like the grille shape) No materials yet as the whole model will be getting re-done soon. just working on getting the NB perfect right now.

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(yes, i know this is a bump.)

Might as well post my projects and additions...

John Deere STX 38- Originally equipped with a 12.5 hp kohler command. Engine turned out to be no good, had loose connecting rod and scoring in the piston chamber (got a usable engine shroud and a couple other parts so didnt make out too bad). After removing the kohler, (dropping the PTO clutch on my hand in the process) and some retrofitting, it now has a 20 HP Briggs and Stratton opposed twin cylinder motor. Got the cables installed, all thats left is wiring, new tires, and exhaust(might redo the deck since it sat for at least 5 years but still not sure what itll turn into yet)

McCulloch 31cc Curved Shaft Weedeater-got free from the guy next door. Runs, just needs a new carb. been a pain finding one that will fit it.

Newest addition- John Deere D105- As of today has 23.8 hours of usage. Bought it in April of last year. Already had to adjust the deck so it would cut evenly and had to put a valve cover gasket on it but for the most part it works great. 17.5 Briggs.

And the one weedeater i could never get running-Echo SRM210 Straight Shaft. As of right  now its in a million pieces, havent had the patience to mess with it. Maybe someday...

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Recreation of old account from old website
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$200 and it's yours

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