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Picture/Video of Your Ride!
Just pulling thingz.

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(04-18-2017, 08:30 PM)The Wolf Wrote: Just pulling thingz.

Ahhhh, a Georgia Buggy! I love those things. So much more fun than pushing a wheelbarrow full of concrete or whatever.

Pic of my babby after bath-time to keep it on-topic.

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Got some new parts over the winter, and still got some more comin
New steering rack, new tierods, steering column, new steering Ujoint, new swaybar. And still coming is a brand new aluminum radiator. Have an undermount X brace, but i found out when i hydroplained it, it bent the control arm horn on the truck itself. Its still driveable tho, so im happy
Also got a coupple more, help im addicted
_- Have you hood slid a cabover lately? -_
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