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Website update
What happened to the "thanks" button? I found it particularly useful in certain posts. Also the new modern flat design doesn't look that bad but could use some adjustments on the visual side.
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Apparently, AnotherFoxUpdate happened. I'm not even slightly involved with this change, AFG did this without bothering to tell me or any other invited member.

The header + index page are nice and clean, except burning my eyes out with bright orange. The topics, though, are a modern disaster I call "snow-blind design" - lack of borders/bright gray borders + badly distributed controls.

I need to get over with this ****.

EDIT: Apparently, it's just an alternate skin "MyIPB" which you can disable in options. Whew!

EDIT2: Michael10055's image doesn't display for me (external image host? I'm at work)
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(12-08-2016, 06:47 PM)only_a_ptr Wrote: EDIT2: Michael10055's image doesn't display for me (external image host? I'm at work)

Sorry, The image was attached via Imgur, it's fixed now.
You can also change the theme at the bottom of any page.
I came back to older verdion, working better for me.
Hi everyone.

Based on your feedback, I created a second draft for the website design:

I'm not much of a designer, so I grabbed a pre-made CSS library and used it's layout. Turned out awesome. It's work in progress - homepage is missing download links, the image slideshow is not animated, repo page is missing, tweaks are needed. But I think overall it looks fine.

EDIT: @Michael10055 asked me on Discord chat: "What's wrong with the current website, anyway?". Well, the top menubar is wrong. I'd like to have a consistent style across all RoR webpages (homepage, repository, MP portal, docs, dev portal) and the top menubar is not not a good fit. It lags when the window is resized and breaks at some stages. It depends on Bootstrap framework + jQuery, which is totally avoidable today. And it's coded in whatever templating system, which doesn't suit all the other pages I'm creating. My new design is CSS-only (with a few bits of javascript directly in the page), lightweight and fast.

Note that I'm not really a web developer and I don't intend to be. I acquired my web skills like 17 years ago, so it's pretty much hand-written HTML/CSS/PHP without the modern fanciness. I just want to be done with the website and focus on coding. There's a lot to do.

EDIT2: Since I'm not a designer, I didn't try to mix my own colors (this time), instead I relied on this: I used "orange" preset for the webpage because I liked it and it looked fine on multiple LCDs I tried: The canonical RoR orange is more like "deep orange" preset, but I found that harder to look at:

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It looks pretty good to me. Nice and simple yet direct and effective.
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