Fuel prices in your country/region
(11-24-2016, 01:36 AM)Chris Wrote: $1.13 per gallon were I am. Gas prices have gone down rapidly over the past few months were I am.

I had to pull my stock out of gas it went from almost 4 dollars a gallon to like 1.55 it slowly went up but nothing to write home about.
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$2.50 a gallon for diesel in California, quite expensive.
$1.80 a gallon for gas, also expensive, especially for me, my truck has two tanks. 
$Free for a gallon on my family's farm, probably the most expensive Tongue

My truck gets around 10 average MPG
Diesel I pay no attention to. I have no need for it.
1.99 for cheap gas
2.29 for mid-grade
2.49 for premium

I get ~12mpg if I drive nicely.
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$0.929 for gas.
$0.959 for diesel.

The Wagon gets 11 UKmpg. The Pete gets 7 UKmpg.
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