Things you have made in blender, sketchup etc.
Some stuff i've made in the past

Live your life a quartre mile at a time

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Live your life a quartre mile at a time

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This is a forever WIP. Originally a low poly mesh I put into Racer, and since a lot more work done on details. If I ever finish it I'll put it in RoR.

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I miss these threads, It's nice to be able to see what everyone is working on.

Here are a few of my little projects that haven't really made it in game.

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Just a few things I have in my old files that I finally found.

Wooden train, 0-4-0 as it is IRL and 0-6-0 varient to see what it'd look like. Might do more versions.
Had a friend try to get it as a train in RoR and it didn't work. I'll try myself one of these days.
[Image: lNWCDk8.png][Image: 699Acru.png]

Garden tractor, homebrewed concept. Flathead four roughly based around a Model T engine. After seeing it again, I really want it in RoR.
[Image: URcxXMh.png][Image: 37ylye4.png]

And the never-to-be-finished Tonka. Still resides in my files. I don't think I even have it for RoR anymore. It needed a new N/B anyway.
I don't even remember how to change color and use modifiers now so it's definitely dead.
[Image: PR8ZQGg.png]

I used Sharex because the forum takes an eternity to upload images. If you would like me to change it just PM me.

Towpro I envy your amazing modeling skills.
Roses are red; violets are blue. I turbo'd my mower; now it goes STUTUTUTU!
[Image: YfG2Efc.png]Voulk- Base;various bits (With permission)
Me-Various mods and meshes
Tires are placeholders*, they are from Masa
*( I do not Have any permission to use these tires so i will make a set more suited for the rig and so i do not need to poke Masa out of the blue. )
Hybrid Mutt;Like WTF?
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I may have tried to copy @Brett's Clay Render style...
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2 hour job

Live your life a quartre mile at a time

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