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WIP - Beta released NeoQ2.0 (Urban Terrain)
Can you make it so that your car or bus does not fall out of the map for some places and make it more like a town with schools and things.
He's already stated he's not doing that yet for various reasons. Wait like everyone else... until then keep your vehicle on the road.

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So glad that it its gone to 0.4+!!! Thanks @Jigsaw!
Update in the first post
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Forgotten textures
sorry[Image: tongue.png]
I just want to say that the newest update really makes NeoQ2.0 look downright amazing! I really like the sky settings update for it too, not to mention how the clouds actually move. Keep up the great work man! Big Grin
Just an ordinary RoR regular who happens to be a furred alien at the same time...
"It's best to start 2017 off with some brightness, and what better way than a neon mix!"
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This is amazing map,are you plan railroad on it?
Rigs of Rods is best game in my life Smile I will start play it since 2007.

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