What is a bad thing that happened to your vehicle?
Such as accidents, issues, etc. It can be also someone you know who has a car...

My Story: Blown Rod on 2006 Escape Hybrid...

      The 2006 Escape Hybrid was bought brand new from the dealership in September 2006 and was running problem free since then until...

      On 1/14/2017, my dad was gonna go home after staying at a party and wanted to go home so, The truck was running fine until knocking noises @35mph. When he pulled over, the engine made a grinding noise and then a BOOM and the rod blew through the oil pan. The Dash said "check emissions control" and "change oil". Interestingly there was no "Check Engine" light so it happened without warning. The engine was a total loss and he was 2 miles from home. Had it towed to home and here is the pic of the rod thrown..



The Escape had 228K miles on it and it was running perfect with Japanese like reliability!
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2003 Honda odyssey. Water pump behind the timing belt. Lol.
Courtesy of J.B. Hunt. September 2016.

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1995 Impreza... went to go to work this morning... wouldn't start... don't know why.
Came home this afternoon and went to fix it... started right up... don't know why.
This car is possessed I think and it isn't a morning spirit.
(01-17-2017, 05:37 AM)Jeepster Wrote: Courtesy of J.B. Hunt. September 2016.

How did that happen?
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Looks like a rig next to him pulled out and misjudged the turn and the trailer caught his bumper. I've seen those kinds of accidents before.
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didn't start this morning Sad don't know why
Injection pump died on this thing so I sold it.

 I regret it so much now.

I want another one.

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