2008 KME Predator

2008 KME Predator 1.2

DarthCain updated 2008 KME Predator with a new update entry:

New Bits and trucks

Updated the UV maps on the cab and body to make it easier to skin.

Added the side pumper version, using the side mount pump Voulk made for a different project.

Added a rescue version using an E-One Rescue body I made.

Added/created PDN's to skin the truck in your departments colors.

Each truck also has a unique GUID for skin files.

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Yea, uh, @DarthCain how DO I access the other 2 trucks? They're not appearing in my menu as you can see.
Rigs of Rods version 2020.01 7_10_2020 2_39_08 PM.png
That's the old truck, and mini image. So make sure you've removed the old file, and install the new one
No, This was pretty much made with parts all made for other projects years ago. I just decided to put them on the KME to get some more firetrucks released.