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Cleanup of RoR.cfg setting names and console variable names


Lead Developer
Jan 31, 2018
Prague, CZ
Hi everybody.

I'd like to clean up the setting names in RoR.cfg. Some are long like "Engines spawn running", some crammed like "GearboxMode" and all have primary short name like "sim_spawn_running" and "sim_gearbox_mode". When using the ingame console, you can only use the shortnames.
I'd like to deprecate the long names, meaning RoR would still recognize them (forever on, for backwards compatibility) but internally it would only use the short names and when saving RoR.cfg, it would use only them (you can already trigger this by setting 'app_config_long_names=No').

Are you OK with this plan? Please look at the short names above and tell me if they seem OK to you. I insist on keeping them "lowercase_with_underscore", but otherwise I can update them (with backwards compatibility, of course) if there is demand.