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Solved Controller Support for RoR (Solved Via RoR discord)


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Jan 21, 2018
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3rd Edit:
Hi, I am using a controller on my PC in the hopes that I can get it to work on RoR. I used the RoR input mapping tool and it detected the controller and made a preset controller map. I used the test function and everything was working fine, even the analog triggers. So, I exported the map into ''Rigs of Rods'' and loaded up the game. Every. Single. Time. it never works. I tried it with and without fullscreen to check it wasn't interfering with any other programs and still no luck there. I went back and did another test and it all seemed to be working. Installed and uninstalled the map again and tried, nothing.
Am I putting the map in the wrong area? I am just putting the new map into where the old one was. what should I do? Please help.

Thanks - Mayo
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