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Apr 28, 2020
Hello and thanks in advance for your help.

Before deeping into my problem with the game:

I run Rigs of Rods 2020.01 on a Windows 10 Home (64-bit)

I recently came across this error when I tried to load a map and I haven't been able to find the fix.
Started looking at the error message to understand what was missing or failing but can't figure it out.


This is what I found in the log files, interesting to see the highlightted part on this path.

18:52:00: Ogre::RenderingAPIException::RenderingAPIException: Error Presenting surfaces in D3D9Device::present at C:\conan\OGRE\1.11.6-with-patches\anotherfoxguy\stable\build\78c6c4e2ea61dac8cba2360afd7746bec0f80872\RenderSystems\Direct3D9\src\OgreD3D9Device.cpp (line 1042)

1. The username conan I don't know who it is, must be the creator of something within the game.
2. Even if I modify this path with my username it doesn't exist.

I realised the error could be an issue with DirectX and tried reinstalling it but no luck.
Also thought it could be related to OGRE but I don't know how to reinstall it.

Last thing I tried is updating the game and the error still appears on the next realeases 2022.04 and 2021.04

I appreciate your time and I encourage anyone else that may have the same issue to provide more information.
Is this only when loading a particular map? If so which map?

Conan is the name of a C++ package manager. lol