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Apr 26, 2018
Chicago, IL
Hey. I am currently trying to create a switch panel out of another keyboard. I am using HID Macros. I can not figure out how to block the original keypress.

I need Page Up on keyboard #2 to be bound to the headlights key (n).

HIDMacros.SendKeysSlow "N",50
This works fine, when I press Page up on my 2nd keyboard, the headlights turn on just fine, except for the fact that pressing page up on either keyboard will shift the truck up a gear.

Both programs, HIDMacros and RoR are running with Administrator.

My question:
Can I do something in RoR to block the Page UP key from being sent from my 2nd keyboard, besides changing it in the input.map.

If you have any better programs, please suggest them. I tried using intercept.exe w/ intercepTION, and Lua, but none are showing results ingame.

Thanks in advance!


Mar 13, 2018
After reading this (quoted below) https://github.com/me2d13/luamacros/wiki/Internals#different-keyboards (same applies to HID Macros I believe)
95% of Windows applications read keyboard in "common way" . . . the biggest task is to prevent original key press to arrive to active application when luamacros started some action for this key. For this task luamacros needs to inject small piece of code to active application (the one receiving key presses). This injected code can pause this "common way" how most of application receive key presses and ask luamacros program if it triggered some action for this key press. . . .

The problem is that this "hack" works only for applications that read keyboard in this most common way. Even if this applies for most applications there are some programs that are not using this common way and for some reason they use some more direct or "lower level" way - e.g. the same as luamacros. These lower ways can not be blocked by luamacros so what happens in these programs is that even if luamacros start some action on key press the original key is still recognized by active application.
And this http://www.hidmacros.eu/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4238

- Were you able to get HID Macros to block other keys that RoR normally uses? If not then RoR may just be one of those applications that this won't work with, because of how it "reads the keyboard"

That being said, you may be better off getting support with this on the HID Macros/Lua Macros forums: http://www.hidmacros.eu/forum/index.php
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