WIP Hot air balloon

Confirmed it was a bug, it should be fixed now. Now i'm going to pause my work on explosionslib (yes, i was creating a library for explosions in RoR) and come back to this.
The balloon is finally inflating:

Now i just have to play around with the forces, and it will finally look good.
Looks good, especially that it inflates now. That is really a unique mod, the new FreeForces thing in ROR is great.
The mesh was a bit misplaced there. Now it's perfectly centered, and i removed the beam visualizers. Now i somehow need to fix blender not giving me .material files...
Ok, i think i found a solution (maybe). Now i have to reinstall blender2ogre (let's just say i broke it in the attempt of doing the opposite) and try another export.
EDIT: Nevermind, same problem.
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