Released Logitech G29 Input

Jun 13, 2018
I have created an input file for the Logitech G29 wheel, as I know its quite a demanded mod.

With this you can use your Logitech G29 wheels to drive cars and trucks only.
To use planes and boats you will still need to use keyboard which will still have all original mapping.
Keyboard still have original mapping which works alongside the G29 so they do not conflict eachother.

To use this you need to disable Force Feedback in the ROR Config, if you wish to use forcefeed back then you will need to set it in your Logitech profiler.
Also wheel rotation for this will need to be set at 270 degrees for this to work better.

With this you can control your trucks/cars;

steering left/right,
blinkers (left, right, hazard)
gear up/down,
gear select,
lock/unlock loads,
parking brake,
camera selection.

please be respectful of this.

if you wish to upload this elsewhere please give me original credits.

enjoy! :eek:


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Thanks for the upload! One problem though: The inputs should be in their own file matching the wheel's VendorMapFilename, instead of editing the default Instructions on how to do this (Scroll down to the exporting section): Controls and configuration -