Solved Map objects not loading (inconsistent)


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Jan 26, 2019

Last week I installed RoR again after a few years (version 0.4.7). Initially it worked well, but since yesterday I started having some problems.
When I select a map after starting the game, sometimes it loads without any objects: there are just the bare terrain and the RoRBot. When this happens, every map I load has this problem until I quit the game.
This problem is inconsistent, as it sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't, even without changing any setting.
I've included the logs of a successful and a failed attempt to load the Top Gear Test Track, starting with equal conditions:
Loading success - log
Loading failure - log
I haven't unzipped the map, for the record. I currently have 10 maps and 25 vehicles, which are very few.

Thanks in advance for your help,

I solved the problem by clearing the cache from the RoR Configurator.
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