need help to make a brand new mod

lego blok

a dodge fanboy
Jun 3, 2024
hello i am pretty new to ror and i found this really similar dodge demon model in sketchfab and i rlly like it and i got the model but idk how im supposed to like add sounds, animations and stuff to it and is it hard? what do i need to make it?
First of all you need a node beam structure. That's actually the hardest part. You basically have to create a lower quality version of the 3D model from scratch, and then triangulate everything. The docs have a lot of info to get started. First of all start with this. Then, the Truck file format page will tell you how the format works, and it's super useful. This page shows off the different visual editors to create the n/b.
im a noob at this im gonna lose my mind doing it from scratch wtf but tysm for the reply! :)
its alright i gave up on it i was tryna do a dodge demon but meh i got a nissan gtr so il stick with that