opensource engine simulation

Jan 31, 2018
Just watched this on YouTube:

It's all kinds of amazing. This kind of thing could revolutionise RoR vehicle engines. Though I imagine the current implementation has way too much overhead!

Just sharing because it creates accurate sound, torque/horsepower curves, and other outputs in real time based on engine parameters and is currently open source...

Only drawback is it needs to runs at 80k FPS to be stable...
Thank you for bringing it up here - I noticed the video on youtube but only now I actually played it.

The most inspiring part is the author's motivation - he was dissatisfied with the engine sounds in games. That makes two of us, though I'm more focused on non-engine sounds like wheels rolling on terrain. I have a lot of homework to do in this area.

So far I only skimmed the source code (not built yet) but I can already tell there is more than one thing to learn/reuse from it:
  • The generic sounds synthesis code/algorithms. We currently rely on OpenAlSoft to modulate our sounds. Being able to do more advanced effects would be amazing.
  • The internal node-based engine building system - even if we don't use the engine sim code directly, it's mechanics will be an inspiration.
  • The sound origins research (which part of the sound comes from what) - again even if we don't reuse the code it will be an inspiration.
  • The generic engine research - the author apparently worked with engines before, I personally was never into engines.
  • The non-physics code: the program obviously does a lot of high-precision physics simulation (hence the 80k FPS), but I'm quite sure I can substitute those parts with lower-precision simulation or just flat out fake empirical calculations, possibly even obtained directly from watching the enginesim in action. Considering how wacky our own engine code is, even such sloppy approach may bring an improvement.
I'll play around with the project and post my impressions.