Post a Picture of Your Desktop V3

no i dont speak spanish(edit)sorry if it is bad quality
screenshot text here.png
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I believe you use Rainwater for those widgets, am I right?
It looks very stylish!

But what's going on with the Windows taskbar and MacOS menu bar? I am confused haha
Yes but I use Windows. The MacOS menu bar is actually a Droptop theme and it is Rainmeter not Rainwater.
Ahh yes that makes sense, and yes sorry it is Rainmeter not Rainwater. I used to use it too, but low end CPU wasn't performing too well with it.

Third reply (woah), not much changed.

- Display: Samsung S29E79OC, 2560x1080, 60Hz, 30".
- OS: Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon.
- Theme: Adapta Nokoto + Papirus icons.
- Wallpaper:
worship the malware.pngworship the malwareworship the malware.pngworship the malwareworship the malware.pngworship the malware
This is my (very clean) desktop:

Also the background is procedurally generated and yes, it changes over time:

The application bar is also pretty clean, because KDE let's me search something directly from my desktop instantly.

After a switch to Win10 Win7

(If anyone is curious the program used to change the appearance is open-shell)