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Jan 31, 2018
Prague, CZ
Some new developers appeared on Discord chat, so I was thinking of some non-core tasks for them. This came in mind - a new, polished and meaningful minimap.

Existing feature: 'Survey map'

Old feature, I'm not sure if anyone even uses it. It displays a rendered top-down view of the map, there are no icons or other hints for players or vehicles, so you hardly see anything without zooming up close. You can zoom in and adjust transparency. It has 2 display modes: 1. big, centered to screen; 2. small, top right corner of screen.

You surely noticed a big lag when loading pretty much any map, the status window says "initializing overview map subsystem". That's when RoR renders the map top-down as background for the surveymap. It's annoying and useless because the render easily breaks by weather/sky system settings, yielding a black or otherwise messy image.

Upcoming feature: 'Teleport'

Take a look at it on GitHub: Teleport!

It only exists in developer builds, but it's already obsolete:
  • it's built using MyGUI, which we're trying to get rid of, see UI remake with Dear IMGUI
  • It doesn't display and let you enter vehicles, although you can do it using top menu (or prev/next vehicle hotkeys). This doesn't make sense.

Idea: minimap

  • Made with DearIMGUI
  • Uses custom image as background (possibly multiple) - finetuned by modder
  • Displays vehicles, players and telepoints as icons - easily visible from any zoom distance. You can click telepoints or vehicles to jump there.
  • alt mode: teleport anywhere using mouse
  • It has 2 display modes: 1. big, centered to screen; 2. small, top right corner of screen. Both can be adjusted by player using mouse (position, size, transparency, displayed details....).
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