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As i monitored it, i saw the beams of the back wheels stretch and collapse and then it just goes crazy. The wheels are the problem.
I got some images here
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Here i will post the .zip for someone to fix... hopefully


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Get the old miura on start of thread
It works

below is old miura (works!)


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I told Ohio99 about it in multiplayer
hi again mike i got a problem with there dolly can fix it?


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what I gave you holds the road better brakes well has a hoped handbrake, holds the weight if heavy loads

I have updated the graphics
Hi,I'm looking for a few things that were already on the .com forum in beta versions and I saw them in a few videos a few years ago - unfortunately I don't have any pictures: Soukhoï Su-9 (1946), Northrop YB-49, Northrop YB-35, De Havilland Vampire & Venom,CTA5000,train passenger car,tatra t3 tram,emdgp38-2 ?
the links dont work for some reason
Replace with and they'll work again. Those links were posted before the forum software upgrade. However, I'd highly recommend downloading those mods from the current Repository instead:
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