Stolen Content (Bus Epidemic)

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Aug 12, 2007
Due to the recent influx in users joining the forum and discord server and immediately posting about stolen content, I figured it was best to make a dedicated thread about the situation. Since Rigs of Rods was founded over 14 years ago it had been fueled by user-created cars, trucks, terrains and other contraptions. There are many content creators that dedicate hundreds of hours of their own time handcrafting vehicles for themselves and other Rigs of Rods members to enjoy using. There have also been numerous users that feel it is appropriate to steal meshes and other objects from other games (such as Forza) or other public repositories (most notably SketchUp Warehouse). This is not allowed on the official Rigs of Rods repository and is blatantly illegal. We hold the value that the content should be 100% your own original creation unless you have written permission from all authors.

There is a large user base of Rigs of Rods that consider themselves part of the "School Bus RP community". While there is nothing inherently wrong with these members, the majority of them are usually underage and use a plethora of stolen content that is shared among this user base. We highly recommend you only use approved content available on our repository and archives. Content that is only available elsewhere is highly likely to contain content that does not meet our standards and may even contain infected files that could cause damage to your computer. We are also aware of users selling this content, Rigs of Rods strives to be completely free to anyone, there is no logical reason to have to pay for content, especially substandard content at that.

Discussion, posting pictures, asking for support for this content is forbidden on all of our platforms, and you WILL be warned and/or banned. There are no exceptions. There is plenty of approved content available to play with, and anyone has the opportunity to create their own from scratch.
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