WIP - Beta Released Terex Demag AC 1000-9


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Sep 8, 2018
So I think this is ready for a beta release! Download link below.

Use is pretty straightforward. Controls:
F1/2 rotate crane
F3/4 boom up/down
F5/6 hook up/down
F7/8 crane cab tilt
F9/10 Counterweight attacher up/down
F11/12 crab steering

Ctrl F1/2 boom section 1+2
Ctrl F3/4 boom section 3+4
Ctrl F5/6 boom section 5+6
Ctrl F7/8 boom section 7+8
Ctrl F9/10 swing crane cab forward
Ctrl F11/12 Suspension up/down

Shift F1/2 deploy Y-superlift
Shift F3/4 Y-superlift wires to the boom. You must extend the Y-superlift wires (Shift+F4) BEFORE extending the boom!
Shift F5/6 spread outriggers
Shift F7/8 extend front outriggers
Shift F9/10 extend rear outriggers
Shift F11/12 feet up/down


How to attach counterweight
Back the crane towards the counterweight, press K to see skeleton view. Lower the attacher with F10 right above the counterweight, and eventually it will autolock. Hold F9 to pull it up.


Old post-------------------------------------;

No folks, you're not dreaming. I'm bringing up our 8 year old project again with permission from my old buddy Craneman.

Will include versions with:
- 100m telescopic boom.
- 50m telescopic boom.
- 50m tele boom + fixed jib.
- 50m tele boom + luffing jib.
- All versions will feature Y-superlift and counterweight attachment system, as the counterweight will be spawned separately.

To do:
- Tune the N/B properties of all versions - almost finished on the 100m version.
- Create the luffing jib version. There was an experimental attempt at creating a system for building your own jib, but hook/lockgroups appear to be buggy and will sometimes randomly break the beams of those hook/lock nodes, so it's not worth the effort right now.
- Solve the counterweight attachment issue.
- Maybe add a few extra meshes and better details, as people today have better computers than back then.
- Hopefully UV map and AO shade the whole thing for easier texture editing and more realistic look. If I ever learn how to use Blender.



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Just wanting to say that I'm quite busy with other things at the moment, so this will take some time, but I absolutely haven't forgotten about it :)
I've been waiting for that Terex crane for years... now i have the chance to operate it... can't wait to handle that crane.... hmmm... I'm thinking if maybe one day we can collaborate with this cranes... But for now... Only the Carrier Frame of my detailed 1200ton-9 axle crane has been worked out... the other 750 ton-9 axle is about 70% done... I'm too busy at work...


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Now this is why i still love RoR and its community content developers. It looks awesome! Keep up the good work!
If you want help with Blender or AO baking just let me know.
Very nice. Can I suggest independent control of the outriggers to be able to level it out on un-even terrain?


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Very nice. Can I suggest independent control of the outriggers to be able to level it out on un-even terrain?

That's an interesting idea, will consider it. :) Main issue is that it'll make it more difficult to perfectly level the crane on flat ground. If commands had an option for a secondary control, this would be easier. E.g Shift+F12 to lower all supports on flat ground, but an optional control to operate them individually.
You can accomplish it with just 6 keys.


F1 - Left Front Down
F3 - Right Front Down
F2 - Front Up
F4 - Left Rear Down
F6 - Right Rear Down
F5 - Rear Up

This gives you all the control you need, while leaving more commands available.
That's a good idea actually! So on level ground you'd lower them all individually, and then raise them together slightly if you want. See if you can edit your truck file and see how it works. IIRC things tend to slide slightly on uneven ground due to tiny vibrations, but maybe that has gotten better. :)