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Jan 15, 2018
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This is a Thomas HDX. This bus is powered by an 8.9L Cummins ISL paired up with a 6-spd Allison 2000.
Special features include animated props and switches, flexbodies, videocamera mirrors, easy skinning, and much more.

There are 4 unique versions:
School - traditional yellow school bus
Activity - white school bus
EMS - outfitted as a giant ambulance
Transit - outfitted for city transportation

Common Controls:
F3/F4 - Service Door
F5 - Roof Vents
F6 - Driver Fans
F7/F8 - Driver Window
F9/F10 - Emergency Door
Ctrl+3 - Strobe
Ctrl+4 - Driver Dome
Ctrl+5 - Passenger Dome
G - ya dun goofed

School/Activity Controls:
F1/F2 - Stop Arms
Ctrl+1 - Amber Warn
Ctrl+2 - Reds

EMS Controls:
Ctrl+1 - Code 3 Lighting
Ctrl+2 - Scene Lighting
H - Siren

Transit Controls:
Ctrl+1 - Warning Lights/Door Light
Ctrl+F1 thru Ctrl+F11 - Toggle Destinations (ignition must be "on" for sign to work)

Thomas_HDX-School_fps-I-mini.png Thomas_HDX-Activity_fps-I-mini.png
EMS-mini.png Transit-mini.png

All textures are AO baked, view this tutorial if you are unsure how to deal with that:
[Rigs of Rods] Tutorial: Skinning The HDX - YouTube

Texture downloads:
Emergency Door
Special EMS Parts
Crossing Guard

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May 27, 2018
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Is the EMS version a real thing? is it a disaster response vehicle?

Yes the EMS Version is a real thing its rare in some pars of the US but they use it, for like major car pile ups and the dont have all the ambulances they will dispatch that and it will aid them tell the next ambulance can get there

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Mar 3, 2018
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These are so fun to ram into each other, UNTIL the game decides structural integrity is not a thing, and it collapses in a twitching mass of yellow and black that slowly consumes the Earth, turning day into night, draining the life blood away unti-

wait, what was I saying again? Oh yeah, Great Job Graysonk95! it makes me sad that the role play community kind of forgot about you, choosing instead to side with He who Should Not Be Named , making the choice to pay for a bus that is not that good as compared to yours, and doesn't have the play value that you consider. He who Should Not Be Named's buses only serve that one purpose: to be a generic school bus that has: opening front door, and working crossing guards. that is it. you on the other hand, put effort into additional functions: emergency exits and doors, adding more play value to the creation as a whole.