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Thread: old usernames?

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    Re: old usernames?

    Quote Originally Posted by atv_123 View Post
    As I suppose that person probably wouldn't be reading this thread right now.
    Or are they?

    I will not reply to PM's asking for game support! Please use the correct support forum instead.

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    Well u can tell from the flag bellow ;D

    Re: old usernames?

    Congrats, Your Join date has been change by someone
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    Re: old usernames?

    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    Or are they?
    So... I guess you were the one to ask

    Hehe... If I would have realized that I would have just PMed you rather than post it in here, but I thank you all the same!

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    Re: old usernames?

    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    Or are they?
    Thanks Austin!

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